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Online Workshop – Starting Your Miniature Horse In Harness – September 2016

As requested, I am repeating my popular Online Workshop on Starting Your Miniature Horse In Harness in September 2016!

What will you learn?

Learn how your horse learns, and how to explain things in terms your horse understands.

Learn how to work with your horse’s natural instincts, instead of against them.

Learn how to listen to what your horse is telling you, and be confident about when they are ready to progress.

Learn how to make teaching your horse to drive a safe, fun and rewarding experience.

Learn a building block approach, each step building on the next to progressively teach the skills your horse needs to become a confident driving horse.

How does it work?

There are four webinars – each will be broadcast live. You’ll see my slides and photos and hear my voice describing the content to you. It’s interactive – you can ask questions anytime via a chat box and your keyboard.

For additional and video content, you’ll be added to a private Facebook group. I’ll share video clips to further illustrate the information shared in the webinars, you can ask questions and share your own photos and videos, and we’ll all have some great educational discussions.

Can’t make it to a live webinar? That’s no problem, as the recording will be available to you soon after it is broadcast so you can watch it whenever is convenient, and as many times as you would like. Have a question? Just head over to the Facebook group and ask away!

Not on Facebook? It’s free and easy to join, and with the simple interface for sharing and discussion, Facebook is the best venue I have found. Our group settings will be set to “secret” which means no one but those in the group will see anything you post, or even know you are a member.

Praise for Starting Your Miniature Horse In Harness:

“This workshop gave participants the whys as well as the how-tos so you had a good understanding of what the purpose was of each step.”

“Really enjoyed the sessions – nice blend of factual information, personal experience, good visuals, good supplemental video clips.”

“My husband and I watched all the webinars and found them full of knowledge. Explaining how to understand your horse was a big part … some people just don’t get that part but it is a really important part. Great job Kendra.”

Webinars will take place on September 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd, and will be at 6PM Mountain Time (Calgary, Alberta). You can find the time in your area with this Time Zone Calculator. But remember, even if you’re not available during the live broadcast, you can watch the recording any time and will have access to the Facebook group for all your questions.

The cost of this workshop is $110 CDN, and payment can be made via Paypal through the button below or via e-transfer to circlejminiatures@gmail.com – be sure to include the email you’d like to use to register, as you will be sent content and an invitation to the private Facebook group.



Starting Your Miniature Horse In Harness


Register by filling out the form here, and pay via paypal here (or contact Kendra if you’d rather pay via another method).


I wasn’t able to access your previous webinars – will I be able to participate?

Yes! While you probably still won’t be able to participate in the live webinar presentation, I will be uploading the recording to Vimeo (accessible on any device) within 24 hours. And you will have full access to the facebook group for any questions or discussion that arise from each week’s presentation.

How long are the webinars?

Each webinar is scheduled to be approximately 1 hour long, but we might go a bit over with questions. Maybe plan on an hour and a half to be safe.

What if I miss one of the weekly webinars?

No worries, you can catch up! The recording will be available within 24 hours and you’ll be able to view the presentation and ask any questions and participate in the discussion in the facebook group.

I’m not on Facebook – do I have to be to participate?

I’m afraid so – but Facebook is free and straightforward to use, with simple sharing of videos, photos and discussion, making it the best venue option for our uses. You can sign up for Facebook in just a few moments and you don’t need to put in any private information beyond your email address. The group will be “secret” – a privacy level that means it is invisible to anyone who isn’t a member personally added by myself.

Do I need to have a horse being started in harness?

Not at all! You can learn valuable skills to help your current driving horse, learn how to fill in potential holes in their training, and of course, get a solid base of knowledge for the next time you ARE starting a horse in harness.

Will I have a driving horse by the end of the month?

Depending on your horse and your previous training experience, the time you can dedicate to the project …. Probably not. 😉 But you will have a good map to show you the way so you can continue to make progress on your horse’s schedule.

More questions? Let me know! circlejminiatures@gmail.com