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Starting Your Miniature Horse In Harness


Register by filling out the form here, and pay via paypal here (or contact Kendra if you’d rather pay via another method).


I wasn’t able to access your previous webinars – will I be able to participate?

Yes! While you probably still won’t be able to participate in the live webinar presentation, I will be uploading the recording to Vimeo (accessible on any device) within 24 hours. And you will have full access to the facebook group for any questions or discussion that arise from each week’s presentation.

How long are the webinars?

Each webinar is scheduled to be approximately 1 hour long, but we might go a bit over with questions. Maybe plan on an hour and a half to be safe.

What if I miss one of the weekly webinars?

No worries, you can catch up! The recording will be available within 24 hours and you’ll be able to view the presentation and ask any questions and participate in the discussion in the facebook group.

I’m not on Facebook – do I have to be to participate?

I’m afraid so – but Facebook is free and straightforward to use, with simple sharing of videos, photos and discussion, making it the best venue option for our uses. You can sign up for Facebook in just a few moments and you don’t need to put in any private information beyond your email address. The group will be “secret” – a privacy level that means it is invisible to anyone who isn’t a member personally added by myself.

Do I need to have a horse being started in harness?

Not at all! You can learn valuable skills to help your current driving horse, learn how to fill in potential holes in their training, and of course, get a solid base of knowledge for the next time you ARE starting a horse in harness.

Will I have a driving horse by the end of the month?

Depending on your horse and your previous training experience, the time you can dedicate to the project …. Probably not. 😉 But you will have a good map to show you the way so you can continue to make progress on your horse’s schedule.

More questions? Let me know!





Our First Agility Adventures

Rocky and I have been getting organised to enter the Online Horse Agility Competition. We’ve been practicing the elements (along with some help from Frankie and Johnnie because they wanted to play too even though they’re too young to officially compete), and on Saturday I put the course together as per the pattern posted online for this month’s competition. Continue reading

Solving Rocky 6

I wonder how often we don’t think about the rest of the horse’s day when we’re looking at their behaviour when they’re being worked. A change in routine can make a huge difference – think about the behaviour of a grade one class on a regular Wednesday in the middle of February, versus the same kids in the week before Christmas. Or heck, me on a regular day, and me on a day when I didn’t get enough sleep … trust me, that’s bad news for everyone.  Continue reading

Starting Priscilla 4

There’s quite a lot of chaos going on here. It’s the pre-winter rush to get things done that didn’t happen all summer. We have, starting today and carrying through the next week or two, fencing, trenching and electrical work happening. That’s a lot of goings on, and while it’s all going to be very good to have done, in the meantime it’s going to put a crimp in my training and lessons.

Today I got Priscilla out, despite the fact that she’d been locked up all day (when she’s used to lots of turnout) and hadn’t eaten since breakfast (when she’s used to being on pasture all day) and there was a truck working on the fencing nearby.  Continue reading